Jun. 28th, 2012

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I just heard back from the bee researcher, who wants me to do some further research on my bumblebee nest on her behalf.  This involves photographing them, which might be amusing...

The garden's beginning to look very nice now, with the annual flowers finally coming into bloom.  I shall post photos once the weather allows it (yes, it's still grey. It's still raining.  It's truly horrible...)

But to another garden, now, with a return to the beauties of Ardchatten Priory. 

I promised you some nice pieces of garden furnitur, and here they are.  A handsome sundial, first of all, and while I recently read a paper devoted to sundials in the west of Scotland (including a helpful Typology of sundials.  Yay!  Where would we be WITHOUT a Typology of Sundials???) I have forgotten everything it said, though I can state with confidence that this is in fact a horizontal sundial and not a vertical one.  As you will probably guess, sundial typology is not rocket science, and the differences between vertical and horizontal sundials are not difficult to establish....

And a close-up of the dial itself:-

To the herbaceous flower-beds now, which are located in front of the main house structure. 

And the obvious question here is "how do you know if you've got elephants in the herbaceous border?"

The answer is, of course, "footprints in the London Pride".  That is, if it is London Pride, and not some kind of saxifrage....

A rather lovely flowering tree which I stumbled across during my garden tour now, and if any of you out there know what it is, please tell me.  It strikes me as being rather antipodean in character, though I could be completely wrong...

And here's a close-up of the flower head:-

Any ideas, folks??  Because sadly the owners hadn't put a label on the plants.  Or if they had, someone else had nicked it... 


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