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Weigh-in: 107kg approx

Benchpress: 6x5 at 60kg
Squats: 5x5 at 100kg, 1x8 at 60kg.
Leg lifts: 3x10
Overhead press: 4x6 at 20kg
Lat raise: 3x10 at 8kg/arm
Bicep curl: 3x10 at 8kg/arm

Rowing: 2km in 10:45
Exercise bike: 1km in 2:58

So after a 16km bike ride yesterday and a 7-8km walk on Sunday I think I'm getting enough exercise this week, maybe.

Humblebundle: Shadows of Mordor

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:56 pm
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This remains one of my favourite games. I am nowhere near finishing it, and it's not an _easy_ game to play, but I love sneaking up on Uruk-hai and stabbing them in the back...

(The trick for this game is that you have to think in three dimensions: climbing up and jumping down are very much a part of it.)

It's the 'pay-what-you-want' bundle, so currently at $6.11 as I speak, and if you've been wanting to pick it up, now might be a good time.

Me? I'm bitter and twisted that the next offering will be Windows-only. (I seem to recall that Shadows of Mordor also took some time to be ported, so I still have hopes.)

And no, I would not pay $80 for a preorder - I have too many games to play - but still - I'd like to play Shadow of War eventually.


Sep. 19th, 2017 07:28 pm
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Leaves have started to fall from both my hawthorn tree and my dog rose over the last few days.

moody monday

Sep. 18th, 2017 03:25 pm
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felt something
attack my foot
in the night
woke up feeling
the other foot
felt scratched later.
dratted cats.

it rained
most of the day.

Mike went to check thru the fire hall computer
he'd been afraid cc cleaner would have been
why the poor thing had crashed.
but anyplace it would have shown was clean.
but it probably was the power failure.
they don't turn off the computer
when they leave and have no usp.
he has a meeting tonight and he'll

DavE's legacy "http://www.romm.org"
Shockwave radio play "http://www.romm.org/audio/"
Think maybe his death was more of a ~time travel.
the body just wasn't needed.
I will catch up with him someday
and I'll find out where he got to go to
that was so important.

someday... a scavenger hunt,

I've been finding some cool things this year
eyeball creature plants

trying to make little monsters
been listening to a series "http://jayneannkrentz.com/harmony/"
and they have little
dust bunnies, that have 6 legs, 2 pairs of eyes,
and when you see their teeth you are in trouble.
kind of think they'd eat worries
more active, less subtle than worry dolls.

the uncle called- think they could not get the parents
and when I tried to answer I think the folks had called them back.
fone tag is iffy with them.


Sep. 18th, 2017 05:38 pm
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Evening at the cross-roads -
Heavy heads nodding out words as wise
As the ruminations of cows after milking.
From the ragged road surface a boy picks up
A piece of gravel and stares at it-and then
Tosses it across the elm tree on to the railway.
He means nothing.
Not a damn thing
Somebody is coming over the metal railway bridge
And his hobnailed boots on the arches sound like a gong
Calling men awake. But the bridge is too narrow -
The men lift their heads a moment. That was only John,
So they dream on.
Night in the elms, night in the grass.
O we are too tired to go home yet. Two cyclists pass
Talking loudly of Kitty and Molly?
Horses or women? wisdom or folly?
A door closes on an evicted dog
Where prayers begin in Barney Meegan's kitchen :
Rosie curses the cat between her devotions;
The daughter prays that she may have three wishes -
Health and wealth and love -
From the fairy who is faith or hope or compounds of.
At the cross-roads the crowd had thinned out:
Last words were uttered. There is no to-morrow;
No future but only time stretched for the mowing of the hay
Or putting an axle in the turf-barrow.
Patrick Maguire went home and made cocoa
And broke a chunk off the loaf of wheaten bread;
His mother called down to him to look again
And make sure that the hen-house was locked. His sister grunted in bed
The sound of a sow taking up a new position.
Pat opened his trousers wide over the ashes
And dreamt himself to lewd sleepiness.
The clock ticked on. Time passes.

- Patrick Kavannagh

"time stretched for the mowing of the hay" near Cramlington.
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I had a batch of blankets
I got up with them wrapped
around me and went and sat
in a field.
I'll be ok I said as I
watched someone
walk away.

got 2 of these cut out and primed.
the board was narrow on one end
but they'll be on opposite corners
angry bird gargoyle

we primed the wood we were replacing on the soffits
I told mike we needed to do it over further- and he had to argue
then looked closer and ripped off more board.
it was the nest over out bed room.

while we were waiting on paint
we trimmed the low hanging branches
and cut out the trees around the garage
and trying to grow into the house.
cleaned the vine off the antenna tower.
mike did 2 trips to the burn pile.

the neighbors up the hill were arguing.
deaf people, stupid people should not
live in multi-unit housing.

Kevin came and helped mike nail the boards.
stressa had to tell me not to fall down.
it is not something necessary to tell someone on the roof.
I ended up feeling like a gargoyle.

it doesn't look we did much.
but it was important to help keep it dry.

sapokka harbor in finland
Sapokka harbor
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Sept 15, 2017
I burned incense for
the dead
and again yesterday.
and tonight I did it again,
last night I found out It was an old friend.
He's the first friend I loved
at the Bozo buss building. My girlfriend walked in
on us in sarah's forest- we were lit in candle light
and it was a beautiful sight she said.
she also told me if I didn't get birth control
she'd name my first child. I did get it right away.
sadly we only played the once but we always
stayed friends. I don't think I fit the requirements
to go to meet momma, I'd started to learn I didn't like
the churchianity and was transitioning out of the
religion I grew up with. going to bible college I found
being a female would always make me a 2nd class person.
I had wanted to be a minister but not after taking their religion classes
and having an art instructor tell me I'd think carnal thoughts doing
nude drawings- But god made human beings why should they be evil?
after all we were made in his image. duh.

any how. Sarah died unexpectantly in the winter
and now Baron Dave He's with Sarah & Reen.
and a host of so many people.
Reen & DaveRome
This was the handsome fellow I made love with.

Obituary: Baron Dave Romm
Filed in Fan, Obituary | Steven H Silver, September 16, 2017 4:16 pm
Tags: Baron Dave Romm
Fan Dave E Romm (b.1955) died around September 15/6. Dave was active in Minneapolis fandom and was an avid photographer, taking pictures of various Minicons and other conventions he was able to get to. He traveled to Antarctic in 2005 and wrote about his experience in Argentus. He also hosted Shockwave Radio Theatre on KFAI-AM and archived the podcasts on his website. Romm became a baron of the micro-country of Ladonia in 2001.

sigh it looks like I'm getting old
I need to grab onto the live friends
and make more.

snorri is sleeping on the same pillow as gus
they are actually touching!! we're downstairs
gus's knee is bothering him and it was trying to storm.
snorri came and comforted me when I started crying
he's much happier I know Meep and talked with me
at breakfast this morning.

Sweet Dreams universe
Dance among the stars Dave
the world has gotten smaller without you
but I will greet the sun with happiness
because you were a part of my life.
Fare Thee well old friend

Where the Wide Aisles Are

Sep. 17th, 2017 08:16 am
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My daughter has been working at Sainsbury's for a week now, but yesterday was the first day I'd actually seen her in her Sainsbury's jacket and name badge, when she popped home for some things before heading out again into the night.

It did make me wonder, though, whether she would ever be able to go into a supermarket while so attired. If she went into different store, say the Co-op, I imagine she would be driven out by staff enraged by her livery, much as crows will mob a sparrow-hawk. But if she went into a different Sainsbury's the following exchange would have a certain comic inevitability:

C [to the cashier]: Just this chewing gum, please.
Cashier: That'll be 45p.
Manager [interrupting]: You! Get to Till 13 right away! Don't you know we're understaffed today?
C: Me? But I'm only buying some chew--
Manager [hands already bunching into fists]: Don't answer back! Till 13 - hop to it!
C: But I don't even work here.... [Is bustled away to Till 13 and spends the next 7 hours weighing carrots.]

I don't know why I imagine all managers as ex-RSMs, but I do.
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This is part 'moar spoons' and part displacement, but I've started to work through some of the assorted games I have, with the goal of at least touching each game for a bit and either enjoying them or ditching them altogether.

7 Mages
7 impossible moves before dinner )

And that's just the tutorial. Nope, nope, nopety nope.

Casual Games x4 )

Don't know what I'll play next, I'll probably burn through a number of casual/freebie games next week before going back to Skyrim.


Sep. 16th, 2017 06:35 pm
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Anything can happen. You know how Jupiter
Will mostly wait for clouds to gather head
Before he hurls the lightning? Well just now
He galloped his thunder cart and his horses

Across a clear blue sky. It shook the earth
and the clogged underearth, the River Styx,
the winding streams, the Atlantic shore itself.
Anything can happen, the tallest towers

Be overturned, those in high places daunted,
Those overlooked regarded. Stropped-beak Fortune
Swoops, making the air gasp, tearing the crest off one,
Setting it down bleading on the next.

Ground gives. The heaven's weight
Lifts up off Atlas like a kettle lid.
Capstones shift. Nothing resettles right.
Telluric ash and fire-spores boil away.

- Seamus Heaney

The unclear blue skies of Dinnington.

we have computer cable-

Sep. 15th, 2017 01:14 am
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woke up to find voices,
the one night I was all naked
and we had the computer tech
come to set up the transfer to co-axle cable.
got dressed fast.
turned out our modem could not handle it.
so we now have real dsl and a new modem.
it is faster
it has dropped once. already.

was looking through my magazine
I found the jacket I had in mind
and the spiral roses.-
the collar would make a good cape
rose jacket

the same magazine had these blackwork ladies.
black work in "Stitch"apr/may 2013
they reminded me I had this handkercheif.


Sep. 14th, 2017 07:08 pm
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The Mystery of the Headless Pug continues.

(no subject)

Sep. 13th, 2017 08:33 pm
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the damn russians won't let me into my site!
what did i say that offended them?

haven't blown up today

Sep. 13th, 2017 02:45 am
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kept waking up with a
headache so I went
back to sleep, till it didn't.
I ended up sleeping past noon?

had patches of sadness all day.
snorri really reacts to the word meep
did it to the pink panther song
singing it got his attention and he got in my lap
he's much more affectionate
now that I know his real name.

today's dream;
I was in a warehouse made of cement block
we lit this odd box with a torch form 2 sides
then ran had to swing out a window and over to the stairs
woke up still running, trying to get away
before it blew up!

mom called and told me she had a roast,
had to ask why? well you said you'd cook it for me.
this was 2 months ago and I needed the rest of the conversation.

it's in the oven with onions, celery, potatoes and carrots.
she wants to share so I think we'll eat with them
I started some bread and its raising on the front porch.
it is on its 2nd rise.

mike is off to start his fire inspections.


Sep. 12th, 2017 07:15 pm
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Digby busy in the garden.


Sep. 11th, 2017 11:45 pm
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I just finished - well, finished Saturday night after going to bed - Stephanie Burgis' Snowspelled, which I thoroughly enjoyed, with a big fat caveat: its (perceived-by-me) weaknesses seem very much intended. This is a short book - not much beyond novella length - and it's very clearly influenced by Genre Romance, though that is not the main focus.

This is an alternate Regency story, with lots of magic and interesting politics and a main character who messed up her life really badly and now has to come to terms with that failure. And who _then_ stumbles into a political intrigue of great urgency which has to take precedence over her personal challenges. It's well-written, amusing, has characters you want to hang out with because they are _nice people_, and an interesting magic system. (Through absolutely no fault of its own it clashed a little with the Fey *I* am writing about, but for the duration of the book, I could put that aside.)

'Why, despite keeping me up beyond midnight, this is not my kind of book )

So if you like alternate regencies, particularly one where women DO worry about politics, this is an enjoyable offering. I'll probably pick up the next one, but I don't think I will reread it too often, and I don't intend to buy it in paperback.


Sep. 11th, 2017 06:41 pm
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I am the daughter of Earth and Water,
And the nursling of the Sky;
I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores;
I change, but I cannot die.
For after the rain when with never a stain
The pavilion of Heaven is bare,
And the winds and sunbeams with their convex gleams
Build up the blue dome of air,
I silently laugh at my own cenotaph,
And out of the caverns of rain,
Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb,
I arise and unbuild it again.

- Percy Bysshe Shelley

Taken between this afternoon's heavy showers of rain.
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When I was finishing my PhD I tried to get a job with the marketing department of Rowntree's chocolate factory in York, where I was then living. It's lucky I failed, because had I known it they were about to be bought up by the evil Nestlé corporation, and I'd have had to resign almost immediately.

In those days I was a great admirer of Rowntree's advertising (the Kit Kat panda ad is perhaps the most famous). But the Rowntree crown was soon to be stolen by Marmite, who took the old "love it or hate it" adage about their product and ran with it in a way that makes Pheidippides look like a sprinter. Here's an early effort on that theme, from some time in the early 2000s:

Simple, yes, but ground-breaking in that the entire advert is based around someone hating the product.

After that, they became far more sophisticated, and developed a brilliant line in spoofs on TV genres. Here they are riffing on the animal rescue programmes:

For a long time, I thought they wouldn't top that. But now, along comes the DNA test reveal advert. This, in my opinion, is simply genius. Here is modern Britain in a nutshell (not that Marmite contains nuts):

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So. August was A Month. There are any number of things I need to do this month, like sort out my Patreon from August and for September, a couple of medical appointments, and buy my membership for Octocon.

I have more review work than I used to, which is good. On the other hand, keeping up with everything is... tricksy.

Books 2017: 130-156

130. Melinda Snodgrass, In Evil Times. Titan Books, 2017.

Read for review for Locus. Annoying grim, focusing on Bad Shit happening to Not So Nice People.

131. Kate Elliott, Buried Heart. Little, Brown, 2017.

Read for Sleeps With Monsters column. Excellent conclusion to Elliott's really great trilogy.

132. P.C. Hodgell, The Gates of Tagmeth. Baen, 2017.

Read for Sleeps With Monsters column. Latest Kencyrath novel. Fun, but the series has lacked a sense of forward progress for the last couple of installments.

133. Barbara Hambly, Murder in July. Severn House, 2017.

The latest in Hambly's long-running Ben Janvier mystery series, set in New Orleans in the 1830s.

134. Barbara Ann Wright, House of Fate. Bold Strokes Books, 2017.

Read for Sleeps With Monsters column. Fun, albeit weak and slight. Reminded me of a less gleefully batshit Jupiter Ascending.

135. Max Gladstone, Ruin of Angels. Tor.com Publishing, 2017.

Read for review for Tor.com. Really fucking brilliant.

136. Malka Older, Null States. Tor.com Publishing, 2017.

Read for review for Tor.com. Solidly entertaining sequel.

137. Adam Roberts, The Real-Town Murders. Gollancz, 2017.

Read for review for Patreon. Good near-future thriller.

138. J.Y. Yang, The Black Tides of Heaven. Tor.com Publishing, 2017.

Read for Sleeps With Monsters column. And for review for Locus. REALLY REALLY GOOD novella.

139. J.Y. Yang, The Red Threads of Fortune. Tor.com Publishing, 2017.

Read for Sleeps With Monsters column. And for review for Locus. Really good novella. Would've liked it better as a novel, I think.

140. Fran Wilde, Horizon. Tor, 2017.

Read for review for Tor.com. And for review for Locus. Interestingly thinky, rewards approaches from multiple directions.

141. Tim Pratt, The Wrong Stars. Angry Robot, 2017. Forthcoming.

Read for review for Locus. Really really really really fun space opera. It's got the emotional sense of humour of KILLJOYS but with more Weird Alien Shit. Immensely satisfying.

And between Yang, Roberts, Pratt, and Gladstone, I read five books in row in which there were queer main characters in relationships and NO GAYS WERE BURIED.

142. Alyssa Cole, An Extraordinary Union. Ebook, 2017.

Interracial het romance set during the American Civil War. I wanted more spies, less sex, but I am not the target audience?

143. Thea de Salle, The Queen of Dauphine Street. Ebook, 2017.

Het romance. Explicit. Good story. Pet tiger. Fun.

144. Jenny Frame, Royal Rebel. Ebook, Bold Strokes Books, 2017.

FF romance, set in a near-future alternate Europe with Ruritanian kingdoms. Romance between spoiled royal princess coming off a bad relationship and ex-CEO former addict now running a charity. Kind of awfully written, but the characters come alive.

145. K.J. Charles, Wanted, A Gentleman. Ebook, 2017.

MM historical romance, late 1700s, of the genre I find myself mentally referring to as Sad Boys In Love. Charles writes this genre very well, with appropriate levels of angst, snark, and explicit sex.

146. K.J. Charles, Sceptred Isle. Ebook, 2017.

MM historical romance, 1920s, with magic. Will probably write it up in a column. It is fun.

147-149. Cat Sebastian, The Soldier's Scoundrel, The Lawrence Browne Affair, and The Ruin of a Rake. Ebooks, 2016-2017.

MM historical romance, regency era. Sad Boys In Love! Fun.

150. Carsen Taite, Sidebar. Bold Strokes Books, 2017.

FF romance. Lawyer and Supreme Court Judge. Kind of terrible, really. But readable, just.

151-155. Jean Stewart, Return to Isis, Isis Rising, Warriors of Isis, Winged Isis, and Wizard of Isis. Bella Books, various dates. First volume originally published 1991.

FF romance/science fiction. Sort of. Set in a dystopian/utopian future world deeply influenced by the feminist SF novels of the period immediately preceding the publication of the first volume, Stewart posits a technologically advanced female-run (and largely lesbian) society, separated from a disease-ridden and repressive misogynistic society by a mostly impenetrable technological barrier on the North America continent. The writing is uneven, the worldbuilding is occasionally downright weird, and the plotting has giant holes. But as a series, these books still manage to be pretty fun.


Christopher A. Faraone & Laura K. McClure, eds, Prostitutes and Courtesans in the Ancient World. The University of Wisconsin Press. Madison WI: 2006.

A varied and interesting collection of essays on the topic of the sale of sex, or sex work, in the ancient world, ranging from ancient Mesopotamia to the Roman empire. Hopefully I will write more about it soon, but it is worth perusal.

sox! storm watch

Sep. 10th, 2017 04:10 am
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the storm looks like
it's made it to choral gables FL
where my brother and his wife are

the eye of the storm hasn't made it to land yet
the damn thing is huge.

todays accomplishement
Mike brought stuff to recycling.
and did an emergency run
some guy fallen on the road with a head injury,
and helped Stressa and company
with bringing home a load of oak lumber.

our power went out for 3 hours yesterday
i transferred the modem to the Uips power supply
and put the dogs out side Gus has the beeper thing.
it was good for an hour? I'd not had enough
sleep the night before so I crawled into bed
and took a nap.

did I say they got the stoves transferred
yesterday- I got out to the townhall in time
to be the the last bit of muscle to get the stove in.
chris did alot of it with mike and dad
and kevin showed up just in time at the hall before I did.
M needs to go to the house and put it back together.

last night he went for a later call for a fellow with convulsions
he wasn't angry this time- so it went pretty good.
trailer homes are not made for people with emergencies.

I got 2 socks knitted
one I'd started last night-
it was done by supper
the last one after.
need to get the 2nd one started
before I forget how I did the first one.
when I try to take notes my short hand doesn't make sense
if I wait too long

I started supper and mike came down
and took over and fed the critters.
I did the dishes
I pulled out the living room rug
and put it on the porch
and used the dish water to wash it
we rinsed it and them put it on the fence
and rinsed it some more.
I scrubbed the living room floor with the srcubber mop
that still had soapy water and baking soda,

then we had supper yum.
I was 4 rows short of one of the yarns,
luckily I was able to find the last skein.

9x-lace sox
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