Nov. 8th, 2012

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I'm currently watching a fascinating programme on Channel 4 called 'WWI Tunnels of Death: The Big Dig'.

I thought it'd be your standard run-up to Remembrance Day fare of history combined with film footage, etc. but as a piece of archaeological film-making  it has proved fascinating.  The work was carried out in advance of a pipeline, and the upstanding archaeology has in many cases been wrecked by shells, though I suppose these shell holes themselves now count as archaeology so you have to assign them context numbers and excavate them in the same way that you excavate a post-hole.

They've just uncovered a messed up bit of German fighting trench, which has been hit by a British shell and which I suspect may have bodies in it (I remember a Facebook feature referring to the recovery of some in situ corpses in a WWI trench and I can't help wondering if this is the same dig...)

Great archaeology, but oh so miserable (horse jawbone uncovered, too...) and a reminder that the past can be so very, very brutal... 

Well worth catching up with, I must admit!


Nov. 8th, 2012 10:12 pm
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Um, WWI Tunnels of Death is on Channel 5, not Channel 4, and it's actually a series. 

And on a Thursday evenings, it's followed by Hatfields and McCoys, which seems to me to represent a perfect insight into human history throughout much of its past - it certainly reflects late medieval Scotland perfectly, anyway, even though the settings post-Civil War America. 

Funny how history has a tendency to repeat itself...


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