Oct. 9th, 2012

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Monday night is Writers' Group night, so I stop checking my e-mails at 6pm or thereabouts.

And with her typical sense of humour, Mother Nature decides that Monday night is also Aurora Night.  The AuroraWatch amber warning came through at 20.35, I drove home at 9pm, and saw... Well, nothing.

Did I check my e-mails???  No.  Did I bother to stick my nose outside the door?  Considering that for once we had no clouds whatsoever and we're in the middle of a sunspot maximum.  Of course not.

And naturally the aurora borealis were doing a song-and-dance routine all night... 

Of course the national media have been bleating excitedly about it, just to rub salt deep into smarting wounds.  And of course they've been titillating us with the promise of clear skies and - perhaps!! - more aurora tonight.  Knowing my luck, they'll be concentrated in a line north of Stirling and the Trossachs.

I shall console myself with the latest episode of The History of Wales... 

And would somebody please tell my begonias to hurry up and get their annual blast of frost burn so they can go to bed for the winter???

Parys Mountain's on the telly now, so I have to go.  It's my favourite blasted heath in the entire country!!! 


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