Oct. 3rd, 2012

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I was originally aiming to attend an author's event in the Mitchell Library tonight, but it was a) chicklit; b) £8 and c) clashing with horse-riding, so I opted for the horse-riding instead. I'm going to an event in  Waterstones tomorrow instead, featuring a debut novel by a local writer which seems to be a dark psychological thriller - which is much more my thing, even if it's not set in the medieval period!!

I was paired with Diva tonight, and we worked extensively on circles and transitions. I really had my money's worth: after a 35 minute lesson, the warm-up was added on as an afterthought which meant I was riding for 45 minutes altogether, and oh boy, didn't Diva know it!

Our weather is irritatingly sprinkled with heavy showers, but this means a lot of nice stuff going on in the sky.  There's rainbows every day when I'm travelling to and from work, and tonight at the stables there was a very fetching sundog.

And The History of Wales is getting really rather interesting now we've got into the medieval period, and I'm about to abandon it for a nice hot Lush-scented bath.  I'll really have to catch up with it on demand - judging by the opening section, with that gorgeous piece of silk, this is going to get rather interesting.

Oh, and I really love those opening titles...


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