Aug. 11th, 2012

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Another Work in Progress now, courtesy of the National Trust in Grasmere....

I introduced you previously to the grand old house at Allanbank, which though remaining in limbo after a house fire, looks certain to be fully restored.  And yes, I will be making a return visit (or five!) over the next few years, just to see how things progress there,

In addition to the house itself, the National Trust have taken on the grounds of Allanbank, and there are a few interesting bits and bobs scattered round the place which are worthy of further attention, and which will no doubt be restored in due course.

There are a few designed landscape features including the remains of a walled garden, plus a little outbuilding called 'The Chapel'. Its original use is unknown: it probably started out as a summerhouse or even a service building, and it may even have had its origins in Wordsworth's time, but in later life it was modified and turned into a very tiny cinema, with a projection booth still in situ at one end (sadly not pictured here).

I commented earlier how my work has made me accustomed to structures in a far worse state than Allanbank, and this probably sums up the kind of place that I end up hanging out in these days.  You will note, however, that the roof has already been made wind and water tight, which is more than can be said for most of the buildings I wind up surveying! 

Even this one act of repairing the roof will have helped secure this building's future enormously, though presumably this was a prerequisite of letting the public inside. No PPE was required for visitors, which unnerved me a bit, I must say.  Like wearing a crash hat while I'm horse-riding, venturing into dilapidated buildings with safety helmet and steel toe-capped boots has become second nature to me....


The reason for its popular name is self-evident. As well as a suite of 'Gothick' type windows, it has this fetching plaque of Saint George slaying the dragon kicking about the place:-


Where this was originally located, I haven't a clue. Over the fireplace, perhaps??

It's also copiously furnished with stained glass, which has, unfortunately seen better days:-


But the National Trust are on the case, I'm sure, and who knows?  Some day, there might once again be film showings!


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