Jun. 10th, 2012

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I want to do some writing this afternoon, so I'm going easy on the images for a change...

Some bad news on the garden front.  My weeding regime finally took me to the final flower bed of the front garden today, and it was with some sadness that I learned that one of my penstemon - Penstemon Appleblossom - didn't make it through the winter.  I mulched it with straw, I put fleece over it, all to no avail.  The cold weather was evidently too much for it - though I can't help wondering if I should maybe have watered it in the recent dry spell, as that bed dries out quickly and I'm sure I saw hints of new growth a few weeks back...

So I now have a great big empty space which I suppose I'll have to fill with something...

We went out to McLaren's nurseries at Uplawmoor this morning, which was a mistake, because instead of spending an anticipated £10 on plants, I spent closer to £25.  I got some more container plants (today's pot had the colour theme of blue/pink/white, built up around geranium vectis glitter) - they seem to trundle out new varieties to tempt the unwary almost every week, and I also managed to get some very pretty snapdragons and a tray of godetia.  I love godetia, but it's not often possible to get hold of them. 

The front flower bed is almost fully planted - the lobelia I ordered from Gardening Direct still haven't arrived yet, however, which is a bit annoying and highly unusual.  I keep meaning to drop them a line enquiring, but of course I never get around to it (I could be doing that now...) so it means there's a hole at the front of the border where the lobelia should be planted. I'm now at the stage where I'm finding gaps and just shoving anything in to fill them - I've got annual poppies, nigella and now the godetia to perform this task, so here's hoping that the next few weeks will produce a magnificent display.

The only things I'm running short of now are garden 'mums and osteospermum.  Guess they'll have to wait until the next visit!

I will, of course, post photos once there's anything to report...


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