May. 11th, 2012

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Today was one of those days when the old maxim about 'if you stand the same place long enough, the whole world will pass you by' seemed to be true. 

Well, in the doggy sense. anyway. 

We've been surveying that darned bridge so damned long that we're beginning to get to know every individual dog that has its walkies in the woods virtually by name.  Regular visitor Abby the German Shepherd/Rottweiler/Unspecified nearly caused chaos this morning by charging past the total station, and charging past me while I was photographing an elevation.  While taking another photograph, I caught an anonymous Jack Russell/King Charles cross peering round the parapet in the image.  This particular dog will now be immortalised in a historical archive for posterity.  I then added a greyhound to my palmares as I was photographing another part of the elevation.  How, I wonder, can I work these woofs into the final report???

And then there was Dino.  According to his handler, Dino has a fixation with branches and water.  This afternoon, he jumped into the river and found a particularly large branch there, then proceeded to spend the next forty-five minutes perched on a semi-submerged boulder in the middle of the river while he tried to savage the branch into submission.  His hapless handler was left perched on the river bank pleading fruitlessly for Dino's return, while a second dog, a jolly and a bit insame Jack Russell named Jilly with a lovely fluffy tail and a hysterically funny habit of yipping and yapping on an almost constant basis frolicked around asking her daddy why they please couldn't get moving because she was getting bored and wouldn't he PLEASE throw the crushed plastic bottle that she was tossing about the place while Dino amused himself elsewhere.

I remarked to the unfortunate dog-owner that I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was still there trying to recapture the errant Dino long after we'd packed up and gone home.  And was he sure that Dino was in fact a dog?  Was it possible instead that he'd in fact been gene-spliced with a beaver, since he was by now well on the way to completing the construction of a respectable dam...

But the priceless moment of the day came when an older couple strolled past us for the second time in two days.  And, after remarking on how much improved the weather was, they asked us what we were doing.  When I'd explained about recording the structure as part of obtaining listed building consent, and my colleague had explained about the methodology of recording the structure, the gentleman in question asked, "What?  Every stone????" with the sort of wide-eyed incredulity that subconsciously said, "ARE YOU CRAZY????"

The answer was indeed in the affirmative. 

Perhaps its not surprising that even after all this work, we're still not finished there... 


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