May. 9th, 2012

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Okay, so Photobucket isn't working again, so I can't get on with my Carcassone posts yet again...  I've uploaded my photos and have successfully rotated them, but the altered image just don't seem to want to save. And since my nice vertical photos are integral to the post's success, I'm stymied.

I shall try again tomorrow, if I've got the will to live.  Since I'm back at the Fife designed landscape tomorrow and the weather forecast is dire.  BUT!!! We have a secret weapon.  A very large golf umbrella.  Which I'm sure we'll be taking turns to hold up over the total station in a style reminiscent of a Jack Vettriano painting. 

I suppose this is quite appropriate, considering we're in Fife...

Anyway, Diva had an interesting episode tonight.  She stumbled in canter, in her classic Diva-esque style.  I was in canter when she shied, then dipped, but didn't think anything too untoward had happened until my instructress called 'Well sat!  Are you alright??" and I realised that this must have been one of her tripping over her big feet moments.

After the incident, she wasn't lame at all.  Or even unlevel.  Not even for a couple of strides  I really got the impression that she spooked at something, lost her concentration, then tied her feet up in knots and splat! 

Silly horse!!!  But she recovered herself before she hit terra firma.  Which was quite impressive, considering agility is clearly NOT her strongpoint.  Though I must point out that later on, we were really pushing the envelope by cantering round the short end of the school then crossing the diagonal in canter before returning to trot at 'X'.  She was clearly finding it hard, as she's got the turning circle of a Star Destroyer, but as usual, she tried her best.  And there was no stumbling, either (sorry, I tell a lie.  She stumbled in trot, as I crossed my dressage whip going round a corner and ruined our collective balance.  She seems to be very sensitive to hopeless clodhopper riders flopping around on her back like a sack of potatoes...)

An entertaining episode, I suppose.  Which both of us came through unscathed, though I'm not really inclined to repeat it in the near future, if I can possibly help it...


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