Apr. 22nd, 2012

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I'm taking a break from Carcassone today so I can actually get stuff done!

We took the bikes out this morning, for the second time THIS YEAR!!!!!  This is truly shocking.  I knew I wasn't going to up to much - of course, my legs (being fairly seasoned cyclist's legs!!) got all excited to begin with and I just churned along happily.  The aim was to try and do a good robust ten mile run, rather than try and do fourteen or twenty miles and wilt halfway through.  The initial wave of enthusiasm soon got replaced with a dull grinding ache as the gradients went gently up (of course, I felt obliged to attack each slope, albeit in a mealy-mouthed pathetic kind of way!!)

I now feel like I've had a good workout.  I felt knackered when I got home, so must have judged the effort just right.  Yes, we did get overtaken, by a pair of local octagenarian supervets (one of whom is a former World Champion in ladies' cycling, so there's no shame there!) who called out as they sailed past, "Woo Hoo!  We caught the D's!!'

You will note, however, that any prestige in this situation comes from catching J, who's turned a mean wheel in the past.  I have always been a dumpling on the bike, and I guess I will always remain so!!

All I need to do now is repeat the exercise on a fairly regular basis (three or four times a week) for a month, while gently extending the distance each week.  Will this be possible in the Scottish summertime, and surviving on an archaeologist's diet of regular fieldwork?  Who knows? 

My poor baby plants aren't chuffed after yesterday's hail storm.  The lobelia look very miserable - I've now put them under a garden chair to protect them in case of another similar incident.  The fancy perlargoniums have got slightly burned leaves, and the begonia leaves have little splits, which may also be hail-related.  But work's progressing well in the garden.  The last overwintered begonia has been planted - I'd actually dismissed it as a dud, but it at last showed a bud - and I've planted my last seeds: nigella, and annual poppy 'Dawn Chorus'.

And now I've got a lot of stuff today for my writing, so goodbye!!


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