Apr. 18th, 2012

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Okay, so I promised you more from Carcassone tonight? 

I'm sorry.  I'm going to have hold off for another day.  It's late, and I've only just sat down after horse-riding.

I haven't ridden Diva for almost a month now, and in that time, she's been transformed into a complete bampot.  One of the girls took me aside tonight and warned me that she'd gone mental in a group lesson on the weekend and ditched her pilot, as per usual.  Okay, so she hadn't been out in the field earlier and was a wee bit frisky, but...  I was advised to be careful. 

I shrugged, and said that I was well used to Diva's nonsense, and was expecting as much in the outdoor school.

Of more concern was the news from my instructress that Diva had stumbled and tipped over twice in canter in the week or so, when A (my instructress) was actually riding her.  A was thrown both times, and Diva ended up on the deck.

This is not good news.  I've had a horse fall with me before.  He was a four year old who didn't know where to put his legs and we ended up re-enacting a classic stunt horse fall from a western.  Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to swing my leg out of the way before Jake (the horse) went crashing to the ground, or else I'd have been squashed.

Anyway, falling horses is not something I approach lightly, and Diva was definitely on probabation.  Unfortunately, some chap was out chasing a horse in the neighbouring field throughout the lesson, so Diva was tittupping around the outdoor school with her eyes bulging and acting like some kind of demented Arab stallion.  Which considering she has the built of a small carthorse, was quite impressive. 

For some bizarre reason, I wasn't that bothered.  She might be a dingbat and a bampot, but she's not a bad horse.  Not by any stretch of the imagination .  She needed a strong leg and a strong hand, but while she was bouncing up and down like she was on four pogo sticks instead of hooves, she did listen to what she was being told, all be it with a bit of ill-humour and reluctance.  But she managed to put in some creditable work, bending properly on circles and producing some good trot-canter transitions.  She didn't even stumble once.

Poor Diva.  She's her own worst enemy.  She creates because she's not well-schooled and not used to having to work properly and she falls over her big feet because she's unbalanced.  But if she keeps up like this she'll probably be give the Royal Order of the Heave-Ho just because she's not suitable for riding school use.

I hope she sorts herself out, because I really prefer things the way they are just now.  Everything at the stables seemed to have settled down, and I'm hoping it'll stay that way.  I really don't have the time for a horse.  Let alone one who can't keep a level head and keeps flying off into orbit at every opportunity.  I dread to think what she's like on hacks.  And I can't possibly imagine what she'd be like at a horse show. 

The mind boggles....


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