Apr. 16th, 2012

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It's Writers' Group tonight so nothing more from Carcassone, I'm afraid...

Touching down in Prestwick yesterday was a bit of a cultureshock.  We'd left Carcassone in the pouring rain and Scotland was basking in sunlight...

...but enduring an Arctic breeze which was sweeping down from the north and lowering the temperature by about five degrees or so. 

I'm glad I brought my begonias in for the duration of the holiday because we're still having reasonably heavy frosts.  I'm now really pressed for space, so they've been punted out again, along with the baby snapdragons and the lobelia, but the addition of a fleece jacket seems to be keeping them hale and hearty.  The baby snapdragons I'd planted out in the front flowerbed have survived their ordeal, though they're looking a bit stunted.  I planted out another as an experiment yesterday, and believe it or not, it came through the cold night looking quite happy and pleased with itself.

Only one plant was lost during the ten day holiday - a sweet pea which looked as if it was going to die anyway.  The rest of the sweet peas had bolted because I'd deliberately placed them away from the window to stop them drying out in the bright sunlight (in Scotland???  Was I off my chump???).  It might in retrospect have been a bad decision but it seemed like the lesser of two evils in the circumstances.

As for the new arrivals... I had three small packs of plants arrive in my absence last Wednesday which my FiL kindly attended to, so the scenario I'd feared of returning home to a jungle filled with half-dead and expiring annuals didn't materialise.  I expect an inundation of the things pretty soon, so I'm quite glad the snapdragons are coping with the cold - the sweet peas and the nasturtiums, which also, thankfully, fall under the category 'hardy annuals', will also, I'm afraid soon be joining them.

Just as well I can't be charged under the cruelty to plants act!!


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