Mar. 11th, 2012

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Once again, I've had a busy morning.  I've now planted up all my mini-plugs, and I'm pressed for space already.  If the sweet peas arrive this week (which they might!!) I'm sunk!

I've also sown some nasturtium seeds - 18 African Queen mixed, and 18 Jewel mixed.  I shall give you information on the results as they happen... 

I've been delaying my return to Hardknott Roman fort for some time, so I thought I'd go back there today.  A closer view of the fort now, showing the layout of the buildings.  Roman forts tend to be very formulaic in their layout, following a similar plan from north Africa to Caledonia.  Located in the centre is the Headquarters Building, the principia, with granaries and officers' quarters in close proximity.

This view across the fort looks across the principia, which would have housed the standard, the strongroom in which the wages for the troops were kept, and various altars (including, no doubt, one dedicated to the Emperor).  It formed the central focus of the fort, the building which visitors to the fort would find themselves approaching as they entered the main gate:-

This is another view of the prinicipia, showing the internal subdivision of the structure.  Lying beyond it is the commendant's house - the common rank-and-file soldiers would have been housed in timber-framed structures which haven't left such obvious traces in the landscape:-


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