Feb. 26th, 2012

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Back to reality, I'm afraid.  This morning, I was enjoying watching the antics of red squirrels and nuthatches whilst eating breakfast, and now I've returned!

We got up in the fells on Friday, but even though we succeeded in scaling Great Rigg and Stone Arthur, I managed to get a blister.  So the following day, my antics were somewhat curtailed.  I'm a bit disappointed: my trusty Brashers have served me well over many walks in the five years that I've had them, and this is the first time I've been blighted with a blister.

But there were other things to do.  As a result of my enforced rest I at last managed to get another one of the thousand things I want to accomplish before I die ticked off, by visiting a site that I've been meaning to see ever since I started visiting the Lakes twelve or more years ago.

Photos of the fell walk will of course be forthcoming, but in the mean time, I'm going to set you a little quiz.  I'm going to post you two photos of the monument we visited, and I'm going to pose you four questions:

1) (For two points!): What's the date of the monument?  Just a rough characterisation, nothing more than that...

2) (For two points): What type of monument does it represent?

3) (For three points): What exactly was the purpose of the building in the second photo, bearing in mind it's part of the same site?

4) (For three points)):  What's the name of the site??


And I'll give you an extra ten points if you say, "Oh!  I've been there!" in such a way that I'll actually believe you!

There's no prize for the winner, just a round of virtual applause.  And in case you're scratching your heads in utter bewilderment, there are a few clues which should narrow down any potential contenders.  Long term followers of the blog who've been paying attention to my posts should be able to make a calculated guess for at least a couple of the questions, too!

Answers will be posted in a couple of days, after the fell walking posts have been completed.


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