Feb. 13th, 2012


Feb. 13th, 2012 05:14 pm
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So that's it.  I've decided to go to the Saint Andrews medieval weekend.  The Boss needs some finds shifted over to the east coast, so I'll travel over that way on Friday and stay over in Fife for a couple of days.

Or at least, that's the plan.  But...  I just tried phoning Capella Nova to enquire about the availability of places, and there's no one answering the phone right now.  Hopefully they'll get back to me sooner rather than later so I can get accomodation sorted.

Oh, and I'm going to put my fixation with collecting pottery down to genetics.  My father, presumably in an attempt to improve my knowledge and understanding of 'the land of my fathers', brought me a copy of the Shire Archaeology book Welsh Pottery by Lynn Bebb.  I don't think it's done anything to stoke up my latent Welsh-ness - yesterday's Six Nations match seems to have done that quite adequately enough, thank you - but it was certainly very helpful to someone who's trying to build up her knowledge of modern ceramics. Perhaps more importantly, it's given me a helpful means of explaining one of my idiosyncracies.  And I quote:-

'Ceramics have played an important part role in Welsh social life and pottery was central to certain folk customs...  Utilitarian goods and cheap household china were always in constant demand, but the collection and display of decorative ceramics played an important role in defining status and identity in Welsh family life' (Bebb, 2004)

Thanks.  That was just the excuse I was looking for!  Oh, and if you're not yet familiar with the Shire Archaeology books, check them out.  They're cheap, they're pithy, and there's a bewildering array of titles available on all sorts of subjects.  AND they include useful lists of further reading...

Okay, advertisement over.  I'm off to the Writers' Group tonight, so farewell & adieu!


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