Feb. 8th, 2012

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I spent today writing the first of my two Glasgow Water Works papers.  The aim was to finish the shorter of the two papers today: I almost managed it - but at 16.45, I found myself having to get ready for horse-riding.  I had one paragraph to go, and I really, really wanted to finish it but...  I decided to bow out gracefully instead.  As it was, my Microsoft Word decided to misbehave by refusing to shut down, so I was very nearly late.

I did get distracted a couple of times.  I took some time out to read a little bit more about Thomas Telford. Today,  I encountered Thomas Telford the archaeologist (he evidently scraped around a bit in Wroxeter Roman city during his time in Shrewsbury), Thomas Telford the poet (apparently!!), I learned that Mr T was known by his friends by the eminently Scottish name of 'Tam', and that he is buried in Westminster abbey.  I also cam across another tantalising glimpse of the animosity between Telford and John Rennie, with Rennie refusing point blank to work with Telford on a canal job in Scotland, at around the same time as Telford was complaining to James Watt about Mr Rennie's apparent fall-out with him.  But I still can't get to the bottom of the disagreement, though I suspect it may have something to do with the Ardossan canal...

Anyway...  I did get to horse-riding, and Diva was full of va-va-voom throughout.  Then my Pony Club Ma'am Instructress decided that Diva's girth was too slack, and pulled it up a couple of holes, and suddenly Diva decided that she was going to belt around the school like a moron.  Was it something to do with the tight girth? I don't really know.  But she was quite a handful.  We concentrated on trot tonight, but managed to get a left canter on the right rein once again before the end of the lesson.  And yes, she is definitely getting fitter.

I now feel like a stuffed toy who's been put through a mangle.  After last night's workout and today's horse-riding, I'm shattered!



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