Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Or...  Alternative Title # 1: Mincing Around on the River...

Or... Alternative Title # 2: Sundogs Over Mauchline...

I got called out to the weir today.  The water levels were way down.  Which meant that the ground was lacking the ankle deep running water that was a feature of the previous instead.  Instead, I found myself confronting a mass of sheet black ice. 

On a sloping spillway, this isn't much fun, believe me...

The area I was summoned to record lay three quarters of the way across the weir.  Which meant I had to pick my delicate way across this icy wasteland in order to get to the voids that I was supposed to be recording.  It was, um, interesting.  One particular section was so dodgy that I bummed my way up the weir to photograph it rather than risk standing up then promptly sliding back down again with camera in tow.

Thankfully, I didn't manage to fall over this time.  I minced my way back across the black ice again, and made it to terra firma safely, and while I didn't feel like it was an unusual kind of day, by 3 pm I'd suffered a complete energy crash.  I presume I'd got so cold in the three hours I spent out in the Great Outdoors drawing and photographing 19th century timbers that I just wound up knackered.  I'm still knackered, even after a hot bath (complete with a Lush Phoenix Rising bath bomb - Nice!!).

It was a fascinating stint of recording, mind.  And the sundogs were brilliant.  You can't beat a good sundog...

I should really watch Restoration Man tonight, because one of my charges is featured on it today (I didn't make it onto the television programme, thank goodness!!).  But to be honest, I;m a bit knackered, and I think I'd rather settle down with an episode of Taggart....


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