Jan. 30th, 2012

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A quick post tonight, because I'm going to the Writers' Group...

I'm trying to write one of my papers this week - I've opted for the Perthshire farmsteadings, because I fancy leaving the tale of Mr Telford and Mr Watt and the Glasgow Waterworks till last.  I've given myself three days to write 5000 words - this sounds like a tall order, and indeed The Boss strongly suggested that I did a cut and paste job, but...  This is a paper.  It's not a report.  I want it to be a) organic, and b) nicely structured.  And I think that if I rely on cutting and pasting it'll be like trying to build a sphere out of regular Lego Bricks.  The shape'll be there, but it won't be very elegant...

Day One is now over, and I've rattled out around 2250 words, which isn't bad going, I think.  The Boss snatched me away for an hour this afternoon, so I'll be adding that lost hour onto the end of my allotted time if necessary.

I'm hoping I'll be able to get the rest of the first draft finished tomorrow, which means I'll have another day to add anything important that was omitted in the first draft, and streamline the structure, if necessary.  And then there's the thorny issue of making sure that everything fits in with the journal's in-house conventions.  It's all go round here, and no mistake!!

On a more sober note, I was told by a friend in SF fandom that the fantasy writer Rob Holdstock passed away in 2009 following a short illness.  I feel rather sad about that - I remember chatting to him about various Bronze Age related matters while we both propped up the bar at various science fiction conventions in the early 1990s.  I meant to keep in touch, but never did, and now it's too late to catch up with him and compare notes.

Alas, life is short and fleeting.  Too short and too fleeting, in many cases...


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