Jan. 26th, 2012

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Back to Lincoln Cathedral now, and a view looking down the nave towards the west end.  Lincoln's another one of these medieval buildings that looks a bit wonky in places, due to on-the-hoof changes implemented by the masons who were employed on various phases of the build.

The point of wonkiness in Lincoln lies close to the west end, where odd things happen with the vaulting in the roof.  Unfortunately, it's not at all obvious on this photograph.  I've got a close-up photograph of the roof which shows all its wonkiness in glorious close-up, but as usual, my camera took the huff, and gave me a blurred 'orrible image...

Lincoln, you see, has a roof walk which takes you up one of the towers, along the walkway which runs more or less at the second floor, trifolium level (where the balustrade at the base of the large west window is situated) and then up into the roof space.  If you're visiting Lincoln, it's well worth going on the tour, which gives you a completely alternative view of a medieval cathedral structure.

The crossing at Lincoln is graced with magnificent vaulting:-

As well as the spectacular vaulting, Lincoln has a large number of medieval carvings surviving intact and in situ around the place.  The Lincoln Imp is probably the most famous of these (and not very easy to photograph, as it lurks at height in the chancel) but there are all sorts of things for the confirmed fan of All Things Medieval to look out for.  I'll post some pictures of my favourites over the weekend, and I'm also hoping to go on a castle jaunt over the weekend, too, so watch this space!!

But I'm going to sign off now, because my dinner's just about ready... 
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Oh, dear, oh dear.

Evidently Donald Trump is upset because an offshore wind farm is supposedly getting built in a location which spoils the views from HIS golf course in Aberdeenshire. 

Hasn't he ever heard that sometimes planning decisions get made that cause a bit of a stooshie amongst the residents and the wider public?  Like, for example, the decision that was made to overturn his failed attempt to get a b****y golf course built in an environmentally sensitive site in the first place??? 

Oh, and Dan Snow is on telly talking about the Staffordshire Hoard...  Goody good - you can never get enough Anglo-Saxon bling on the goggle box!!


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