Jan. 14th, 2012

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Ah, the year is beginning to turn!  Life is returning to the garden, the daffodils are in bud, and the hellebores and snowdrops are already in bloom - or virtually, anyway!

So of course it's the time of year for a bit of plant porn.  Or - to be more precise- the gardening mail order catalogues. I like nothing better at this time of year than to curl up on the sofa with a pile of mail order catalogues drooling over pretty pictures of flowers, and planning for the coming planting season...

This year, I'm ordering a few nice looking fancy pelargoniums from the Vernon Geranium Company, and some snazzy looking anthirrhinums from Thomson & Morgan, along with a batch of Lobelia Delft Blue (I've grown this variety before, and its colour is very striking).  I've also ordered some fancy tuberous begonias from Van Meuwen, as well as some mighty fine weird & wonderful gladioli...  I've got a Suttons order and a Gardening Direct order to send off once the next pay cheque comes through - this is for the regular items like lobelia, petunia, cosmos and yet more anthirrhinums...

So far, the garden penstemon have survived the winter, which is just as well.  My Heavenly Blue - which had been doing well for about six months - has now died of some kind of fungal infection, and the Sour Grapes has keeled over, too.  I don't know why the cuttings have been so poor this year - perhaps I took them a bit late... 

So things'll be picking up in the garden very soon.  I planted up my first tuberous begonia of the year, and the weeding is plodding onwards nicely...

Oh, and we've just booked our holiday for Carcassone.  I'm looking forward to that!


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