Jan. 12th, 2012

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I'm afraid I'm one of those rare people who thrives on routine.  I like to have my days and weeks mapped out with banal regularity.  Little blocks of time are organised neatly into place: go to work, come home, do some exercise, shower, blog, do a little writing, perhaps watch some telly or a DVD, go to bed.  Horse-riding on Wednesday, etcetera, etcetera.

If only life could be like this all the time!  Unfortunately it's not, so I'm making the most of the doldrums while I can.  Though one or two little excursions in pursuit of interesting buildings or archaeology will not go amiss once I've forgotten just how unpleasant long periods of fieldwork can be...

Lunchtimes are strange affairs.  I'm combining reading The Illiad with trying to make progress with my illustration of the Late Bronze Age shield from Lugtonridge.  It's a strange and rather appropriate juxtaposition of tasks, but the drawing is not going well, I'm afraid.  The original drawing didn't even fit onto an A0 sheet, and the version I've been working from has now been reduced down to just over A3.  The detail has gone to pot, and I've a feeling the pens I'm using are actually too thick and heavy for the final drawing.  I might blow it up to a larger size and try again, but since the final version's going to be reduced down to A5 or less, this might be pointless. 

At least I now know where the original drawing went wrong.  Though I'm beginning to think I should cheat and base my drawing on the photograph I took of the artefact when I visited it a few years back.  This may be cheating, but I'm sure it's what the Victorians did, when they compiled their fabulous inventories, a long, long time ago..

And if you're wondering why it's taken me more than six months of teabreaks and lunchbreaks to draw a shield, this is why:-



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