Jan. 3rd, 2012

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It's a tad windy out there.  A gust of 91mph has been recorded just up the road at Bishopton, and J is off to see one of his gardening clients who has just had one of her very mature trees come down - it missed the house, thank goodness, and appears to have just brushed the bathroom roof.  She also lost a chimney pot, which is a crying shame - it's an Edwardian house with original chimney pots, and any loss of early fabric has to be lamented.  It landed on her car - so I'm sure she's probably more concerned about that.

The geese are having a terrible time of it today.  Their morning commute takes them over our house, and their path today has been, erm, circuitous.  It seems to be a case of one flap forward, three flaps back, as they're ploughing straight into the teeth of the wind.

I was hoping to go out of the walk, but that's out of the question for reasons of sanity as well as comfort.  I should be sitting on the turbo-trainer for half-an-hour or so, but with the thought of going back to work tomorrow looming so large in my thoughts, I've kind of lost the energy.

But I've been writing, at least, which is something. 

I'm not due to go on any exciting jaunts for a few months, and I'm aware that I haven't been posting any pretty pictures for a while.  So it might be back to the archives - there are a few Shrewsbury sites I didn't talk about, which would probably be worth a mention.  And after that?  Who knows...


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